Divina Sabino

Disaster Risk Management Consultant


I work with governments and businesses finding solutions to protect what insurance can't replace.

Divina Sabino

Disaster Risk Management Consultant
I offer consulting services working with government and businesses to encourage them to invest in their disaster preparedness by building on their disaster risk management capacity and resilience. I make it a priority to work with my clients throughout any undertaking to ensure the process is consultative, participatory and that the end product is sustainable. I also offer training for plans I have developed with them and periodic revisions of these plans. I am available for my clients before, during and after emergencies and have all the necessary emergency partnerships to support their efforts towards preventing loss of life, business continuity and disaster recovery. Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness has the potential to reduce financial losses by 6X what would be lost in an emergency/ disaster and more importantly, to prioritize on the saving life. Preparedness is not about preparing a few hours before an eventuality but being proactive on a daily basis.


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  • Contingency Plan

    Recommended! One of the most useful and important tools critical to sustainability. Anticipate and solve problems that arise during minor to major emergencies. NB: Quote includes Comprehensive Risk Assessment. Quote does not include cost of training for plan.

  • Approx: US$ 12,600/ 42 Days

    • Comprehensive Risk Assessment + Contingency Plan
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  • Risk Assessment

    A comprehensive risk assessment tool is used to identify, prioritize and calculate all possible threats, hazards, risks, vulnerabilities, and analysis of potential impact within a defined scope. A basic capacity assessment is also conducted.

  • Approx: US$ 4,200/ 14 Days

    • Comprehensive Risk Assessment + Report (with Recommendations)
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  • Baseline Study

    Not sure what you need? Preliminary study to gain better understanding of the organization, capacity (staff and equipment), weaknesses, strengths and priority areas. This baseline study will allow better decision-making on which disaster risk management plan(s) might be suitable for the organization.

  • Approx: US$3000/ 10 Days

    • Baseline Study Report
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NB: Client bears the cost of travel + accommodation (if needed), if site visit needs to be conducted outside of Mahe Island, Contact me if interested

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